The Best Haunted House In Every State Gallery

The Best Haunted House in Every State

There are all kinds of haunted buildings. You can eat at a haunted restaurant, or get spooked at a haunted bed and breakfast¸or even live in a haunted house of your own. For those of us who don't have the stomach to actually do those things, however, Halloween is a great time for us to get our thrills at a haunted house attraction where we know we're safe but can still suspend disbelief for a bit.

Halloween in America is one of the greatest celebrations of the ghastly and ghoulish. People in every one of the 50 states get into the spooky spirit of the season, resulting in fantastic haunted attractions available no matter where you are. If you live for the adrenaline rush you get when you're too scared to move or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts from watching your friends cower in fear, we have some of the best treats (and tricks) for you. From Alabama to Wyoming, we'll take you on a tour across the country to see the best haunted house in each one of them.

Alabama: Warehouse 31, Pelham

Alabama might literally be one of the cheesiest states, but its haunted attractions sure aren't. Minutes from Birmingham, Warehouse 31 promises a night of ghoulish fun as you make your way through 30,000 square feet of terrifying mazes. You can choose from three different haunted house experiences (or go through all of them), including The Freak Show, said to be the largest 3-D experience in Alabama.

Alaska: Red Onion Saloon, Skagway

The best haunted attractions don't necessarily have to be terrifying. While in Alaska, you can tour the restored Brothel Museum above the Red Onion Saloon, observing original relics and photographs of the ladies who worked there. Resident ghost Lydia is sure to pop in to say hello!

Arizona: Sanctum of Horror, Mesa

Named Haunted House of the Year in Arizona, Sanctum of Horror is truly horrifying. Weave your way through an ancient graveyard filled with the undead until you stumble upon the St. Charlotte Asylum. There, the inmates have taken over the compound, and the only way out is through the room of a little girl who was a patient in this fictional (yet believable) world.

Arkansas: Warehouse of Fear, Siloam Springs

With over 21 rooms full of bone-chilling thrills, the Warehouse of Fear looks like a horror movie set. It's so scary you might even forget that monsters in Arkansas' best haunted house aren't real. Or are they?

California: The Whaley House, San Diego

Believed to be the oldest two-story brick building in Southern California, The Whaley House was named "one of the most actively haunted mansions in the world today" by famed ghost hunter Hans Holzer. Also believed to be one of the most elegant homes in San Diego, The Whaley House has haunted tours that are available on select dates throughout October.

Colorado: The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

All work and no play makes you a dull person. But step into The Stanley Hotel, made famous in the classic horror flick The Shining, and you're in for a treat (and maybe some tricks!). Estes Park is one of our 101 best weekend getaways in the country, so why not visit in October so you can catch this Halloween attraction? Take the Night Spirit Tour to experience the paranormal activity many people have encountered in the century-old hotel.

Connecticut: Nightmare on Wolcott Street, Waterbury

With over 50 rooms of terror, it's no wonder thrill-seekers keep coming back to this house on Wolcott Street. From mice and spiders to whips and chainsaws to evil spirits and psychotic serial killers, there's no shortage of frights at this Connecticut Halloween attraction.

Delaware: Nightmare’s Haunted House, Laurel

Something wicked this way comes every October weekend in Delaware. Nightmare's Haunted House features a slew of scares around every corner, including creepy clowns and the famous butcher who goes bump in the night.

Florida: 1455 Asylum, Doral

With many Florida locals too scared to enter, it's up to you to take on the challenge of walking through this haunted house inside the House of Horror Haunted Carnival. Watch out for the escaped patients. They might be sneaking up right behind you.

Georgia: Netherworld, Norcross

If fear is a factor when searching for scary attractions, then look no further. Guests describe Netherworld as "the most terrifying experience" they've ever had. Even after 20 years of operation, this Georgia haunted house still knows how to scare.

Hawaii: Mummy: Curse of the Crypt, Kailua

Designed by actor/Halloween superfan Jorge Garcia of Lost and Hawaii Five-O fame, Mummy: Curse of the Crypt has something for all ages. This Hawaiian haunted house is the first of its kind, and you don't want to miss it.

Idaho: Haunted Mansions of Albion, Albion

A recent visit from the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures crew piqued our interest in this haunted hotspot. Take your pick from five (yes, five) haunted locations within the Haunted Mansions of Albion.

Illinois: Statesville Haunted Prison, Lockport

Statesville Haunted Prison has been considered one of the best haunted houses in Illinois for nearly two decades. With more than 100 live actors attacking you at your every step throughout 40 horrific rooms, you'll feel as though you've actually stepped into a horror movie.

Indiana: Edge of Insanity, Kokomo

Edge of Insanity is such a popular haunted house attraction in Indiana that on the Saturdays closest to Halloween, the wait can last up to two hours! Go through this haunted asylum where formerly tormented spirits come alive during Halloween season... as does the doctor who treated them.

Iowa: Thrashers House of Terror, Mt. Pleasant

Only a limited number of "fast passes" are sold for Thrashers House of Terror each night, and they sell out quickly. Run by volunteers, this Iowa haunted house is also a fundraiser for the Midwest Old Threshers Organization with proceeds going towards preserving the grounds and the construction of new buildings.

Kansas: Zombie Toxin, Junction City

The legend of Germany's Dr. Von Monschture comes to life in Zombie Toxin. Dr. Von Monschture pursued horrifying scientific experiments until one day an explosion consumed his entire home. This Kansas attraction is the perfect haunted house for anyone who loves zombies... just be careful you don't become their next meal.

Kentucky: The Devil’s Attic, Louisville

The Devil keeps his collection of evil souls locked in an attic. They have been waiting patiently, for centuries, to unleash a hellish fury on any living being who dares to enter this Kentucky haunted attraction.

Louisiana: Mortuary Haunted Mansion, New Orleans

New Orleans is known for being one of the most haunted cities in America, and this place upholds that reputation. Legend has it that Dr. Ravencroft, the twisted mortician of what is now Mortuary Haunted Mansion, experimented with bringing back the undead. And he succeeded. Now they're out for blood!

Maine: The Haunting at Parsonsfield Seminary, Parsonsfield

The seminary closed in 1949, but not everybody has left! If you're in Maine this October, search for spirits throughout its more than 40 rooms and a crypt-like basement. 

Maryland: Bennett’s Curse, Baltimore

Bennett's Curse promises to be the "ultimate fear experience." And when they tell you to expect the unexpected, the folks behind this Baltimore haunted house mean it. Past visitors claim it's a totally new terrifying experience.

Massachusetts: Barrett’s Haunted Mansion, Abington

Tickets for Barrett's Haunted Mansion in Massachusetts actually gain you admission to two attractions: The Mansion and The Compound. The most horrifying experience, however, will occur on only two nights this month: Darkness Unleashed. The entire mansion will go dark and the creatures haunting you will "no longer be bound by the rules."

Michigan: Erebus, Pontiac

This four-story tower of terror is an imaginative world of harrowing haunts and spine-chilling scares in Michigan. One Erebus reviewer says, "The moment goes from one of slight tension to that of complete chaos."

Minnesota: Molitor’s Haunted Acres, Sauk Rapids

When you're told this Minnesota attraction has been called the "scariest plot of land," that might not exactly make sense. But set foot on this bit of acreage and you'll see exactly what that means. Molitor's Haunted Acres takes you on a haunted hayride through the Woods of Doom, where maniacal madmen are looking for their next victims.

Mississippi: Bailey Haunted Firehouse, Meridian

One of the fastest growing haunted houses around, Bailey Haunted Firehouse is a must-see. For just $10, getting scared to death is pretty affordable.

Missouri: The Darkness, St. Louis

How deep into the darkness are you willing to go? This place has been haunting St. Louis since 1994. Each year since, new thrills have been added that will leave you shaking in your shoes.

Montana: The Missoula Haunted House, Missoula

Open since 2012, Missoula's haunted house never offers the same experience. Each year there's a new tall tale to be told, complete with spooky sights and sounds.

Nebraska: Mystery Manor, Omaha

The story is that in 1929, an Omaha man named William Hall murdered his wife and his brother. Perhaps his victims lie in wait, ready to take revenge on anyone who crosses their path inside Mystery Manor. There's only one way to find out.

Nevada: Kingdom of Horrors, Reno

Stray from the Strip and venture out to Reno to visit the state's premier haunted house. Beware: It doesn't matter if you're at the font or the back of your group. These ghastly ghouls come at you from all directions.

New Hampshire: Haunted Overload, Lee

There are haunted trails and then there's Haunted Overload. This New Hampshire crew pulls no punches when prepping for a scream fest, with creepy creatures at every turn. Once you've entered, there's no escape.

New Jersey: Brighton Asylum, Passaic

Once called "the scariest place on earth" by The Today Show, Brighton Asylum has created another terrifying house of shock, horror, and awe. Once an actual asylum in New Jersey, many unthinkable, very real events took place here during the '40s and '50s, so there's no shortage of terror behind these walls.

New Mexico: Dragon’s House of Horror, Albuquerque

After two years of planning, Dragon's House of Horror set the Guinness World Record for the longest indoor walk-through horror house, measuring an astonishing 7,183 feet, in 2015. That's a pretty long, treacherous walk. What are you waiting for?

New York: Blood Manor, New York City

In the city that never sleeps, it's no surprise a merry band of misfits continues to haunt the halls of Blood Manor. With a yearly changing theme, there's always a surprise waiting for you at this Manhattan manor of horror.

North Carolina: Nightmare Factory, Havelock

Albert Knight's Factory in Havelock, North Carolina supposedly made a wide variety of questionable products and burned to the ground in 1923. You'll learn all about that as you navigate through the twists and turns of this nightmarish maze.

North Dakota: The Haunted Fort, Mandan

Fort Abraham Lincoln has always been "haunted," and now you can experience it for yourself. It's a place where nightmares come to life.

Ohio: The Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati

Class is in session, and this former public school in Cincinnati is set up for the scariest season yet. The lesson here is to be nice to Charlie, the janitor, or he might come after you and your classmates.

Oklahoma: The Hex House, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Extreme. That's the one word most often used to describe The Hex House. This intense Oklahoma attraction is themed around a dark chapter in Tulsa's past. Only those brave enough to enter will find out what happened.

Oregon: Milburn’s Haunted Manor, Hubbard

In the early '20s, the parents of Suzie Milburn thought there was something troubling about their little girl. They were right to be suspicious... but it didn't save them from being murdered by their own flesh and blood. Do their spirits still lurk around the manor? See for yourself.

Pennsylvania: Bates Motel, Glen Mills

Once you check in at the Bates Motel, you may never check out. From levitating spirits to floorboards that seem to come alive, there is plenty inside this ill-fated Pennsylvania inn that will have you looking for the nearest closet to hide.

Rhode Island: 13th World, Cumberland

Monsters of all kinds await you in the 13th World. If you have the guts to come face to face with them, you won't be disappointed.

South Carolina: Nightmare Dungeon’s Abandoned Cabin, Greenville

Just when you think you've found a safe haven for the night... What lurks behind the walls of Nightmare Dungeon's Abandoned Cabin is anything but harmless.

South Dakota: Terror in the Dark, Rapid City

The best aspects of Terror in the Dark are that it's fun for all ages and that it gives back to the community. One of many hidden gems in Rapid City, the not-for-profit haunted house raises money for youth programs and organizations, and it is so popular that each year the attraction gets bigger and better.

Tennessee: Dread Hollow, Chattanooga

You've no doubt heard of small-town charm, but this small town in Tennessee is ready to cause harm. The horrifying past of Dread Hollow is sure to catch up to its unsuspecting victims roaming about the grounds.

Texas: Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth

An experience you can only hope to forget, Cutting Edge Haunted House keeps packing on the thrills even when you beg for mercy. And don't worry if you can't get there right away. Fort Worth's Cutting Edge is still open for a few days after Halloween.

Utah: Castle of Chaos, Midvale

Bet you never thought you'd be six feet under after entering a haunted house. Castle of Chaos features an "underground labyrinth of classic and modern-day horror" with four levels of fear to choose from. You can even opt to keep your group completely secluded from other guests for a especially terrifying experience.

Vermont: Nightmare Vermont, Essex Junction

Nightmare Vermont is a unique experience, combining live stage combat and theatrical storytelling with interactive scares and top-notch special effects to create Vermont's most thrilling attraction. Some of the tricks are so off-the-wall that patrons must sign a waiver before entering. Are you game?

Virginia: Bacon’s Castle, Surry

Plenty of paranormal activity has been reported at Bacon's Castle, from mystifying floating heads to blinding spectral fireballs. Tour this historic haunted castle in Virginia — if you dare.

Washington: Nightmare at Beaver Lake, Sammamish

"Beaver Lake" might sound like a quiet, pleasant place. Think again. Nightmare at Beaver Lake is said to be Washington's largest indoor/outdoor scare joint, filled with all kinds of creepy characters just waiting to pounce.

West Virginia: Dungeon of Horrors at West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville

Why visit any old, dusty jail when you can scream your way through the Dungeon of Horrors? After an hour on the inside of this West Virginia attraction, you'll be begging for freedom.

Wisconsin: Burial Chamber, Neenah

With three full-sized haunted houses, it's no wonder guests are simply dying to get into Burial Chamber. A full night of fright features ghosts, goblins, and all manners of creatures that go bump in the night.

Wyoming: Nightmare on 17th Street Haunted House, Cheyenne

Every year, those who dare set foot inside Nightmare on 17th Street are in for a wild ride. The 10-plus rooms change each season, frightening patrons of this Wyoming haunted house with new scares every year. If none of these haunted houses seem impressive to you, however, you can always learn to create your own.