Andrews Zimmern's Favorite Pit Stop Foods Slideshow

Culver's Double ButterBurger and Vanilla Concrete

When on the road, Zimmern looks forward to indulging his fast-food cravings for hamburgers and vanilla shakes at Culver's.

"I have a weakness in my heart for Culver's," said Zimmern. "It's a family favorite. It's a mid-Western chain that does custard really well and does hamburgers pretty decently."

Gas Station Pizza

When topping up the tank, Zimmern makes sure to not to miss out on a slice or two of his favorite gas station pizza. Zimmern doesn't discriminate or have an allegiance to any one gas station brand; it's just all about the pizza, which he sums up simply: "Gas station pizza is good."

Truck Stop Food

For Zimmern, truck stops are culinary gold mines for food foragers, offering buffets of classic quick-serve road trip foods like pizza, hot dogs, and fried chicken.

"Anyone who's done a lot of road trips [knows] you go into [truck stops] and they have 17 different types of hot dogs. There's Cheddar cheese 'wurst and relish onion stuffed dogs and three types of pizza and 10 types of fried chicken," said Zimmern.

Diet Coke

To quench his thirst after a roadside feast, Zimmern springs for an extra-large jug of Diet Coke.

"You know the 45-ounce Diet Coke? It's terrible," said Zimmern. "It's exactly what I don't want people to eat and I tell my son 'no, no, no' and then I'm doing that."

Totino's Pizza Rolls

Totino's Pizza Rolls bought at gas stations are Zimmern's go-to road trip snack, especially when traveling with his television crew.

"They look like mini egg rolls and they have pizza inside," said Zimmern. "God, they're so bad for you, but when we're with the crew, we buy buckets of those things."