8 Movie Theater Snacks From Around The World (Slideshow)

In Moscow, wealthy movie-goers can enjoy upscale dining experiences while watching a movie. At Romanov Cinema, guests can choose from the theater's exclusive café's full lunch or dinner menu, including champagne or wine, and bring their food with them into the movie theater. According to Travel and Leisure, a VIP movie experience at a Moscow theater can also include nothing less than beluga caviar.


Samosas, India

Going to a Bollywood movie in India can certainly be an experience in itself, but what might make a night in the movies even better is the food. Indian theaters are widely known for serving samosas , fried pyramid-shaped turnovers with various fillings such as a mash of potatoes and peas. For those without the chance to visit India, samosas can also be found at Bollywood theaters in America.

Dried Ants, Colombia

For the adventurous eater, selecting snacks for a move screening in Colombia might bring on a real thrill. Here, Milk Duds and popcorn are replaced with crispy fried ants. The ants are fully edible and harmless to consume, but for a sensitive eater, it might be smart to save the ant-tasting for after the movie.


Dried Cuttlefish, Korea

In Korea, movie-goers seem to favor the savory side of snacks. But instead of bags of potato chips, the Korean theaters offer bags of dried cuttlefish. Though it might not sound like the most tempting treat, cuttlefish is in fact a common snack in parts of Asia, comparable to a bowl of salted peanuts.

Souvlaki, Greece

During the summer months, typically form May to July, several open-air movie theaters open up in Greece. The outside seating might make bringing your own snack easy, but with traditional souvlaki (meat skewers) for sale, there is really no need for a personal snack stash.


Iwashi Senbei, Japan

In Japan, movie-goers enjoy sweet-and-salty snacks, but not necessary in the form of popcorn or pretzels. Iwashi senbei, or small dried sardines, are the go-to snack here. The tiny fish are baked in soy sauce and sugar, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and eaten whole.

Curry Fish Balls, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to several big movie theaters, and even the American chain AMC Cinemas, which sells traditional American movie snacks. But the local culture has definitely had some influence on the assortment of refreshments at some of the city's theaters, as the Hong Kong street-food staple, curry fish balls, is another common movie-time food, as well as shrimp and pork dumplings called siu mai.

"Pick-and-Mix" Candy, Finland

Finland, home of the salty-liquor ice "salmiakki," also offers a wide selection of candies at their movie concessions stands. Several theaters have a big selection of "pick-and-mix" candies, like the biggest movie theater chain Finnkino, which offers the popular Candyking brand pick-and-mix sweets for a price of €1,35 per gram.