Best Movie Theater Snack Mash-Ups

Popcorn is good and chocolate is good, but they are both better together

A little chocolate would make this popcorn go a long way.

The movie theater is a safe haven during the summer. It’s the perfect place to escape the heat and catch some of this year’s biggest blockbusters. And while you’re there, you know you have to get a classic movie theater snack. After all, what is a movie without some popcorn?

Even though all the movie theater concessions are delicious on their own, some of them are even better together.  Sure, it may be a little indulgent, but everyone deserves a treat now and then. These are our favorite DIY mash-ups to get at the movies:

Buncha Crunch Popcorn

Really, this could work with any of the chocolate candies at the concessions stand, but Buncha Crunch has that crispy rice in the middle that is so yummy. It works best with fresh, hot popcorn so the chocolate gets nice and melted. Get one of those flimsy cardboard carriers and dump some of the popcorn in it. Then you can alternate sprinkling in some chocolate and adding back the popcorn. It’s sweet and salty and so delicious. 

Soda Fountain Mash-Up

Why get just one soda when you can have them all? Start at the beginning of the fountain and add a little bit of each one. With this, you get a tasty combination of all the sodas plus the non-bubbly lemonade and fruit punch for extra flavor. Just be careful not to drink too much unless you want to do the awkward aisle shuffle to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie.

Nacho Cheese Hot Dogs


This is definitely the unhealthiest choice for us, but it is so good you won’t even care. The cashier will probably give you a weird look when you ask for just the nacho cheese, which is half the fun. You can dip your hot dog, or make an artful drizzle on top.