Cheetos-Flavored Popcorn: Coming Soon to a Movie Theater Snack Bar Near You

Frito-Lay is testing out its new product,: Cheetos-flavored popcorn, as a viable movie snack of the near future

Cheetos-flavored popcorn sounds dangerously cheesy, and dangerously close to actual, you know, Cheetos.

Hold that popcorn butter spigot right there — there’s a new salty snack in town (or at least, at your local movie theater): Cheetos popcorn. It sounds so simple and genius, you’ll wonder why they never thought of it before. Frito-Lay just tested out the new snack, which looks exactly like popcorn coated in Cheetos dust, at CinemaCon, a theater-owners convention in Las Vegas, this past weekend.

Sadly, even though this looks pretty amazing, most theater-goers won’t be caught orange-handed anytime soon.

“As a company, we’re always innovating and testing new product concepts to see what resonates best with our consumers,” Alexia Allina, spokesperson for Frito-Lay, told USA Today. “Cheetos Popcorn is still in the very early development stages. As soon as we have more details to share, we’ll let you know.”


So, in other words, the snack is still in the incubation period. Hurry it up, Chester, we can’t wait to stuff our faces with Cheetos popcorn.