The 30 Best Pubs Outside of Ireland (and America)

You don’t need to fly out to the Emerald Isle just to get a satisfying pub experience

Irish pubs have a distinct allure that is unmatchable by ordinary bars. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Jim Linwood)

“Pubs: The Official Sunblock of Ireland” is a popular phrase displayed across touristy t-shirts. Who knew it could carry so much truth? With an Irish pub nearby, there is no need for sunblock, because it’s easy to stick around until the sun goes down — and usually far longer. Irish pubs are magnetic. They have a distinct allure that is unmatchable by ordinary bars.

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With St. Patrick’s Day here, people far and wide are clamoring to find out what to do — which usually boils down to where to drink. But just as couples shouldn’t need Valentine’s Day to shower their loved ones with affection, bar-goers shouldn’t need St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy the culture and charm of a good old fashioned Irish pub. You also don’t need to fly out to the Emerald Isle just to get a satisfying pub experience. These gems are hidden in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and other parts of Europe. While there are many excellent and authentic Irish pubs in America, we kept our focus on less familiar countries.

So what sets Irish pubs apart from their cocktail lounge competition? Drunken brawls, noisy settings, and business names starting with an “O’-something” come to mind, but those assumptions are sadly mistaken. There are factors galore that set Irish pubs on a whole other level, from a genuine respect for the technique of a properly poured (or, rather, "pulled") Guinness to endless beer and whiskey lists to meat-and-potatoes pub food that’s heavy enough to soak up as many rounds as you can handle. Above all, the heart and soul of the best Irish pubs is no secret: it’s all about good conversation — with the barmen pouring your drinks or the surrounding strangers who could end up becoming friends.

We decided upon the bars on this list in few ways. First, we consulted reviews of local magazines, such as Time Out London, and reviews on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Then, we consulted social networking group Irish Abroad, which connects Irish expats around the world, for their opinions on noteworthy Irish pubs on six continents. Age and history are highly valued on this list, but so is inventiveness.

Pubs are more than just bars: they are community centers and gathering places. The term itself is short for public house. So pull up a chair and enjoy a pint on a table that used to be a sewing machine in Prague, unwind at a joint that has a history of condemning ties and formal attire in Paris, dance the night away in an Irish pub with a discoteca twist in Brazil, and even stay the night at a mega pub when you’re too drunk to go home in Sydney. We’ve got you covered across the globe with the 30 best Irish pubs outside of Ireland.

30. GrandKhaan Irish Pub — Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Grand Khaan's in Ulaanbaatar is also a nightclub.

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Grand Khaan's in Ulaanbaatar is also a nightclub.

While thoroughly Irish — with its Irish whiskey list and Irish lamb stew — Grand Khaan is also irrepressibly Mongolian. That’s a good thing: alongside standard pub fare, you can order Mongolian dumplings, ginseng hot pot soup, or ox tongue with your potato salad. Fun fact: nachos in Mongolia use bolognese instead of chili.

29. Boston Arms — London

The Boston Arms is good and wallet-friendly.


The Boston Arms is good and wallet-friendly.


The floors may be sticky, but who goes to pubs for the cleanliness? It’s all about beer, and the brews at Boston Arms are cheap! The prices cater to the old Irishmen and working class people who occupy this public house. There’s a TV for the sports lovers, and live Irish music for the culture aficionado.