10 Wintertime Cruises to End (or Start) the Year in Style

Planning a trip for the winter months? Consider these cruises that offer something for everyone
Princess Cruises

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A look at one of the Princess Cruises ships. 

Cruises are an easy way to travel at any time of year; all you need is a suitcase and (usually) a passport. No need to rent cars, make hotel reservations, or worry about where you’re eating every meal of the day for the span of your vacation. All-inclusive packages and options to book port excursions make traveling that much simpler and head-ache free. If you’re willing to do a bit of advance research and have some flexibility with timing and itineraries, you can usually find some good deals, too.

10 Wintertime Cruises to End (or Start) the Year in Style


People tend to associate cruising with spring and summer, but there are plenty of cruises setting sail during the winter months, many which still have last-minute availability for trips as early as December 22. Whether you’re looking for a quick four-day getaway to the Bahamas or an 18-day journey around Australia and parts of Asia, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this list of 10 wintertime cruises to end (or start) your year in style.