6 Disney Characters That Get How You Feel About Food

Trust us, they know how you feel

Think of these characters as your food ‘spirit animals.”

We get it, you love food. It makes you warm and fuzzy in more than just your tummy. Food makes you actually feel joy, and sometimes others just don’t get it. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

To make you feel even more comforted, take solace that these beloved Disney characters totally get how you feel. Not only are Disney movies full of food moments, they each have a character that totally loves food in a way only you understand.. Check out these incredible GIFs that will let you know you are not alone.


You don’t get why Mulan isn’t more thankful for this wake-up call. You’d be all over it.


Hamish, Hubert and Harris

It’s all about the haggis baby...

The Beast
What? You wouldn’t dive into tasty porridge prepared by your own dishware too?

Chef Louis 

Admit it, this entire scene you felt less sympathy for Sebastian and more curiosity for how he’d taste. 


This joy you feel of tasting a new food for the very first time:

Timon and Pumbaa 

“Tastes like chicken!”