10 Weirdest Roadside Tourist Traps in America


10 Weirdest Roadside Tourist Traps in America

On your next cross-country trip, keep your eyes on the road — but also keep them peeled for these 10 weird attractions

Roadside tourist attractions get a lot of heat for being weird, lame, and/or deceiving — but maybe it’s really the fault of us, as consumers, for having unrealistically high expectations. I mean, the whole point of these places is to provide something more interesting than long, boring stretches of road. In that sense, almost all of these roadside sites totally succeed.

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On the other hand, the term “tourist trap” implies that passing travelers are somehow being bamboozled out of their time or money, which can occasionally be true. As illustrated in an old episode of the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug, they really can drastically delay and derail family vacations (especially that stupid “Poetic Blythe Field”).

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However, we’re not here to evaluate the quality of these roadside attractions. Aside from deeming them all “traps” in some way (since they will all inevitably contain a bit of disappointment, as previously stated), we’re really concerned with the weirdness factor. If they make you scratch or shake your head in any way, this list can be their home. Their non-roadside home, that is.