Wisconsin ‘Cheese Pirates’ Make Off With 20,000 Pounds of Cheese

Someone stole an entire semi truck loaded with cheese meant for New York
Stolen cheddar wisconsin


An unknown cheese pirate made off with an entire semi truck loaded with 20,000 pounds of Wisconsin cheese worth more than $46,000.

A gang of so-called “cheese pirates” has the best job title ever created, and also a whole lot of ill-gotten fromage, because this week some unknown thieves made off with more than 20,000 pounds of stolen cheese.

According to NBC News, a semi truck carrying 20,000 pounds of cheese was in a parking lot in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, this Friday, when an unknown person or people made off with the whole truck, cheese and all. The driver said he left the truck in a storage area for semis and went off to run some errands, and when he came back the whole thing was gone.


The truck was reportedly plain white and not marked, so it’s not clear if the thieves knew they were taking cheese, or if they were just hoping to get something valuable when they took the semi. The cheese was from U.S. Foods and was reportedly being shipped from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to the New York area. The cheese is reported to have been worth more than $46,000. Police are still investigating.