Get a Free Bible Verse With Your Order at This Missouri Sonic Drive-In

Customer reactions on social media have been mixed thus far

Restaurant attaches stickers with Bible verses to food orders.

One Sonic Drive-In franchise owner has made the decision to give customers some food for thought along with their orders.

Stickers bearing Bible verses are attached to food orders, though the company points out that employees have the option of using non Bible-related stickers.

Public reaction to the stickers at the Sonic located in Raymore, Missouri, has been mixed. One customer writes on Facebook, “Third time in two weeks I've gotten a Bible verse sticker but NOT gotten part of my family's order from Sonic off 58th in Raymore. Thanks for the sermon, where are my cheese sticks.” Another writes, “RAVE to Raymore Sonic for the inspiring Bible verses they put on the receipts. They've done it for as long as I can remember, whether it be on a sticker or on the actual receipt. Always brightens my day when I go there.”


Sonic corporate doesn’t seem to oppose the stickers either. Sonic spokesman Jason Acock tells ABC 15, “We don't have a policy backing this. It's the decision by the franchisee that owns and operates that specific drive in.”