Toronto's Best Cheap Eats

There are some great places in Toronto to fill up for less than 15 bucks

As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto has an abundance of delicious restaurants. But no matter where you go, restaurants that offer high-quality food for a reasonable price will always be in demand. From Thai to falafel to sandwiches and pizza, here’s a list of some of Toronto’s best cheap eats, where you can get a delicious meal for $10 to $15.

Salad King
Although its name implies that this restaurant is the king of salads, they actually serve Thai food. This modern, order-at-the-counter Thai eatery is always full of customers ready to get their dose of affordable, delicious Thai food. The menu consists of a variety of fun-named Thai meat dishes, sides, soups, noodles, rice dishes, curries, vegetarian dishes, and desserts. The average entrée is around $8 or $9 while the sides and desserts range from $3to $5.

Rashers is an affordable and diverse bacon sandwich shop. Yes, bacon sandwich shop. Each sandwich, except for the vegetarian option (with fried mushrooms, fontina cheese, and truffle oil), consists of bacon paired with different ingredients. On the menu, there are bacon sliders, an apple and maple grilled cheese, a beer BLT, and more. The sandwich prices range from $5 to $8, with exception of the wild boar sandwich that goes for around $9. Sides are around $3.

Olde Yorke Fish and Chips
Olde Yorke is famous for its cozy atmosphere and authentic fish and chips. It is common for the line to be out the door, but many customers find it’s worth the wait for these tasty, affordable fish and chips renditions. The main courses range from $11 to $15, with the exception of the Fisherman’s platter that goes for about $17 (a little out of the "cheap eats" price range, but still a good deal in its own right). 

North of Brooklyn
North of Brooklyn is a hip pizza joint in West Queen West, Toronto, known for its fresh pies. Their thin-crust pizza is made of high-quality ingredients and their prices are extremely affordable, with each slice being around $4, sides around $2, and extra toppings for $0.50 each.

Banh Mi Boys
This Asian-fusion sandwich shop has some delicious options for very reasonable prices. The menu consists of a variety of tacos, steamed bao, and a plethora of Asian-inspired sandwiches served on a baguette with house mayo, pickled carrots, cilantro, and cucumber. The sandwiches range from the $5 grilled pork to the duck confit option which is about $8.

Leslieville Pumps
Leslieville Pumps has a dual purpose: on one hand it’s a gas station and general store, and on the other, it’s one of Toronto’s most renowned BBQ joints. They serve Southern-inspired breakfast sandwiches for around $5 dollars and "pump sandwiches," which are each around $8. Their beef brisket is wildly popular.

Arepa Café
This Venezuelan eatery is an affordable lunch spot that specializes in the Venezuelan cornmeal sandwich, the arepa. The menu consists of 14 different renditions of the arepa, each ranging from $8 to $10. The La Llanera with beef tenderloin is the highest-priced arepa around $11. They also serve a variety of Spanish-inspired breakfast dishes for around the same price.

College Falafel
College Falafel is a family business known for its cheap prices and high-quality, homemade falafel. They serve Mediterranean sandwiches for around $7 and dinner plates for approximately $11 dollars. Along with main courses, diners can also order from a wide assortment of appetizers, vegetable side dishes, and desserts.

Dr. Augusta’s Samitorium
Run by two chefs who specialize in fine dining, this gourmet sandwich shop offers fresh soups, salads, and sandwiches for cheap prices. Sandwiches are made with meat from naturally raised, hormone-free animals and unprocessed cheese and vegetables. Sandwiches range from $7 to $9.

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Folia Grill
This Greek grill is great for a cheap sit-down lunch. Their menu consists of appetizers, pitas and "sticks," main dishes from the grill, and sides. The dishes from the grill include a N.Y. strip steak, rib end pork chop, chicken breast, and biftekia (a patty of ground beef, pork, and onions), and they range from $7 to $12.