Throw a Camping Party Indoors for Summer Fun

You don’t need to be in nature to go camping

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Sure this is great, but the indoors has air conditioning.

Summer is the perfect time for camping. The weather is beautiful, nature is in bloom, and campfires are roaring. But sometimes it’s tough to get out there, and we don’t always have all the camping supplies we need.

Instead of braving the great outdoors, why not throw a camping party in your own home? It’s the perfect solution for those of us who can’t get away. You may not have the essence of nature at this party, but at least you’ll have controlled temperature, access to plenty of water and food, and protection from pesky mosquitoes. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have access to a working bathroom.


Since you’re not outdoors, try and recreate some of the best things about camping. String up twinkly lights on your ceiling. They’ll look like stars and give your party a warm glow. If you have potted plants in your apartment, put them all in one area to give the appearance of a forest. Finally, toss around some earth-toned pillows. It’ll be comfier than sitting on rocks.


Camping food is some of the best there is, and it’s simple to make. Tasty sausages upgrade the standard camping hot dog. These sausage tacos still retain the essence of camping with a little flair. Since you’re indoors, you can steer clear of potato chips and go for a more hearty side, like this sweet potato salad complete with bacon. As for dessert, you know you have to have s’mores. S’mores brownies taste just like the original and you can make them without a campfire.

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To make sure everyone really gets in the mood, make sure that your guests dress like they are going camping. They don’t have to wear full gear, but hiking boots, denim bottoms, and fun camping hats should be recommended. Also, ask everyone to bring a sleeping bag, and if one of your friends has a guitar, ask them to bring it along. After all, everyone loves a good campfire song.