There's Also a Nail Polish to Pair With Your Wine

Wine company debuts nail polish colors to match their offerings

An Italian winemaker has paired with Beauty Bar to offer wine-colored nail polishes.

Why not pair a wine-colored nail polish with your dress made of red wine or perfume? If you're not keen to wear your wine on your sleeve (literally), one wine company is offering a more reasonable way to wear your favorite grape.

Italian winemaker Santa Margherita has created four nail polish shades to match their own offerings: Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Sparkling Rosé, and Chianti wines. The limited-edition polishes will be sold at Beauty Bar events across the country, where you can drink a glass of the paired polish and wine. Santa Margherita also has a Facebook promotion that invites followers to describe what "wine personality" fits them to win a sample pack of the polishes.

SheKnows breaks down the colors, and they're pretty inviting: a light, glittery pink for its Rosé, and a and a shimmering gold for its prosecco.