There's a Dress Made of Red Wine Now

Scientists use knowledge for alcohol-based fashion


Move over, meat dress. Some very clever people at the University of Western Australia have made a dress out of red wine.

According to the promotional photos, the red wine dress actually looks a whole lot like the meat dress. But this dress grows itself in a vat of red wine, for a result that's slightly less bloody, though you couldn't tell from looking.

The textle grows when bacteria ferment the alcohol in red wine into a cellulose-like fabric the researchers are calling Micro’be’. The final garment doesn’t even require sewing, as the microbes naturally grow themselves into a clingy and totally seamless garment.

The garment-fermenting process works on other alcohols, as well. The researchers have already grown dresses from white wine and beer. Maybe dresses will start coming in cocktail flavors next. 

In photos the garment appears to be somewhat translucent and creepily skin-like. And Styleite reports that it does smell like wine, so don’t get pulled over while wearing it. Between the look of the dress and the overpowering scent of booze, there's no policeman in the world who would believe you were sober.