Thanksgiving Dinner Party Menu for Friends

Learn how to host the ultimate Friendsgiving with a great Thanksgiving dinner party menu
Thanksgiving Menu Idea

Thanksgiving dinner party menus can be perfectly tailored!

A Thanksgiving dinner should be comprised of equal parts great food and great company.

For many, Thanksgiving is primarily a family-focused holiday. But for those of us who feel like their friends are family, or who live too far away from our relations to make the trip, it always feels like something is missing at the dinner table when they aren't there. That is why a proper Friendsgiving is in order. It is a little less formal and a whole lot of fun; not to mention full of good food! It is also a fabulous time to experiment with some non-traditional Thanksgiving fare. Try a new inventive side or drink a newly discovered wine; whatever you choose, just make sure you have fun with it! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

To Drink

Of course the wine you choose to serve any crowd says a lot about your style of hospitality. Try serving fall cocktails for some indulgent fun, or fine relaxed wine like Caricature blends for a smooth and tasty dinner.

For a Main

Sure, a turkey is the traditional dish of Thanksgiving, but you’ve got your whole life to do normal and boring Thanksgiving dinner. Try making a turducken or a beer can turkey for a fun and savory dish that’s still in the spirit of the holiday.

For a Side

Who said a side can't be sweet? Try savory chocolate dish for a unique take on a Thanksgiving side!

For Dessert


Pies are always a Thanksgiving favorite, but instead of pumpkin, try an apple pie with a vanilla ice cream that will make your friends wish it was already time for next year's Friendsgiving.