Easy-to-Make Fall Cocktails


It appears the seasons have changed overnight, and while we aren’t complaining about the cooler temperatures, we aren’t sure what to drink at happy hour anymore, as frozen cocktails and gin and tonics seem like things of the past. It may seem like a longshot, what with their warm Southern weather, but mixologists at the renowned bar Thoroughbred Club, in Charleston Place Hotel in Charleston, S.C., have come up with two fall cocktails that are sure to warm you up.

Thoroughbred Club’s mixologists are devotees of classic beverages livened by new twists. These drinks have names like "Hot Buttered Cider" and "The Harvard Warmer," so we’re certain they will not only warm you from the inside, but will also leave you feeling awfully accomplished when they’re made at home. If you’re an adventurous cocktail drinker, you won’t have any qualms about infusing Wild Turkey bourbon with cinnamon and vanilla in an American honey jar to make the Hot Buttered Cider — a simple trick that can be used for many other seasonal cocktails. But for the novices, the Harvard Warmer probably won’t make you smarter, but it will be flavorful and warming on cold fall days.

Click here to see recipe for Hot Buttered Cider


Click here to see the recipe for the Harvard Warmer