Thanksgiving Cocktails Every Host Should Consider

Sure the menu is important, but a good Thanksgiving cocktail is the key to ensuring your holiday is a happy time
Thanksgiving Cocktails

These Thanksgiving cocktails will make your family meal bearable — er, more fun!

Thanksgiving day is all about the foods featured on the Thanksgiving menu. From the turkey, to the Thanksgiving sides, to the impeccable Thanksgiving desserts, we bask in the glory of a bountiful table on this day. But equally important as the meal are the Thanksgiving cocktails that keep the holiday feeling like a real celebration.

Not only do you want your Thanksgiving cocktails to be seasonal and delicious, you want them to compliment your impressive Thanksgiving menu.

The Pumpkin Martini


Who needs a pumpkin pie when you have this tasty drink? This pumpkin martini uses pumpkin puree and dark rum to create a perfectly spiced cocktail.

Cranberry Prosecco Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails

Combining the powers of frozen cranberry gelato and sparkling Prosecco, you’ll have a simple cocktail/dessert that guests will “gobble” up.

Wild Thanksgiving Cocktail

Thanksgiving cocktails

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This is no beginners drink. Wild Turkey Whiskey, apple brandy, and a splash of cranberry juice makes for a strong and flavorful cocktail that blends almost all of your favorite Thanksgiving flavors.