Five New Tea-Flavored Kit Kats Released in Japan

The ‘I Love Tea’ Kit Kat series has five types of tea flavored chocolates
Tea flavored kit kat

Nestle Japan

Japan's new collection of high-end Kit Kats is based on the flavors of five very fancy varieties of tea. 

Matcha-flavored green tea Kit Kats are one of the most popular souvenirs to bring back from Japan, and now Nestlé Japan has created a whole new collection of five tea-flavored Kit Kats for spring.

According to Rocket News 24, Nestlé Japan just announced a new premium collection of Kit Kats called “I Love Tea.” It follows a popular “I Love Fruit” collection of fruit-flavored Kit Kats that came out last year, but this time its Kit Kats are made with a variety of high-end teas.

The box set includes Kit Kats flavored with Gyokuro high-quality green tea and white chocolate, black tea leaves with milk chocolate, oolong tea with dark chocolate. The last two flavors are roasted green tea, and green tea with toasted rice, both of which are combined with white chocolate to make a Kit Kat coating.

The limited edition box of high-end Kit Kats costs $22 from Kit Kat boutiques in Japan, or from the high-end Takashimaya department store.

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