Japanese Kit Kats Now Have Crunchy Toppings

A new Kit Kat comes with fruit and nut toppings
Japanese kit kat with toppings


Japan's fancy new Kit Kat comes with a hand-applied cranberry and almond topping.

Japan has all the coolest flavors of Kit Kats, including Kit Kats stuffed in croissants as a pastry ingredient. Now Japan even has its first Kit Kats with crunchy fruit and nut toppings. [slideshow]

According to Rocket News 24, the new Kit Kat Chocolatory Moleson is a special Kit Kat that is exclusive to Japan’s Kit Kat Chocolatory stores, which are basically big, fancy, high-end chocolate stores that specialize exclusively in Kit Kats.

The new, fruit-topped Kit Kat flavor is reportedly based on traditional French candies called mendiants, which are small disks of chocolate studded with nuts and fruit. Each individual Kit Kat Moleson stick comes individually packaged and topped with a crunchy layer of almonds and dried cranberries.he fruit and nuts are reportedly applied to each Kit Kat stick by hand to make sure they look pretty and not just random.

Starting on February 5, the cranberry and almond Kit Kats will be available online in Japan and from three of the Kit Kat Chocolatory stores in Tokyo for 500 yen or about $4.20.

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