Taco Bell Will Give Canada Breakfast When Bieber Goes Back

Brian Niccol surprised quite a lot of Taco Bell fans with his sense of humor about waffle tacos and Justin Bieber.

Taco Bell’s president dished out a burn that had absolutely nothing to do with the after-effects of a late-night T-Bell run. In President Brian Niccol’s Reddit AMA (short for Ask Me Anything), users asked dozens of questions in a message board, including Canadian Taco Bell fans wanting to know when the new breakfast menu would come up North. Niccol’s response?

“When you take Justin Bieber back.”

The hilarious response in an otherwise business-like question and answer session has made the rounds as one of the wittiest pieces of fast food news to happen this week.  No official (or serious) word yet on when the Taco Bell breakfast will appear on foreign menus, as it has only been announced in America so far.

Other insights from this Reddit AMA included Niccol hinting toward Taco Bell releasing Mountain Dew Baja Blast soon, (for the past decade, as part of an exclusive deal with Mountain Dew, you could only get this popular drink at Taco Bell outlets, The Daily Meal reported recently). When asked multiple times about marijuana legalization, Mr. Niccol’s politically-correct response was: “we make tacos, not laws.”


See the full Reddit AMA here.