Sweet Treats to Celebrate Shark Week

The sharks on these treats are more adorable than their real life counterparts

Cue 'Jaws' theme music!

Our favorite week of the year, Shark Week, has returned again! The festivities started on Sunday, August 10th, and the Discovery Channel has devoted the whole week to everything shark. And while we’re watching these hungry sharks chow down on fresh seafood, we are starting to crave something a little sweeter.

The best thing about Shark Week is that you can get as kitschy as you want with your viewing goodies. After all, we are celebrating the most badass sea creature, so why not put that into your Shark Week treats? We found some of the cutest and most creative shark-inspired desserts to inspire you.

Happy Shark Cake

We’re pretty sure that the sharks on Shark Week are much more intimidating than the ones on this cake. However, this cake is cute and delicious, and that’s really all we care about.

(Flickr/Karen McCown)

Shark Fin Ice Cube

Okay, so this one really isn’t a dessert per se, but how cool is that? And you could make it into a desert by using fruit juice instead of water.

(Flickr/Peter Pearson)

Shark Head Melon Bowl

This so creative that we want to try it right now. Be careful sticking your hand in that shark’s mouth though. They tend to bite.


Shark Fin Cupcakes

We are impressed by these cupcakes, and we are pretty sure they taste as good as they look. What a perfect way to celebrate everyone’s favorite ocean animal.


(Flickr/Henry Alva)