The Perfect Pairing: Sweets and Spirits

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Gift something extra special this year
Sweets and Spirits

Sweets and Spirits

News flash: Valentine’s Day isn’t only about showing love for the ladies. Though they may not be expecting diamonds or other lavish items, guys like gifts, too. So, if you’re perfectly-paired this year, it might be fun to celebrate how sweet your guy is with…well…sweets (and spirits to match).

Does your date have exotic taste? Perhaps sake, a long-rumored aphrodisiac, is the way to go. Traditionally, pouring the rice-based spirit for others honors friendship, intimacy and respect — the main ingredients to any great relationship. If you’re not sure what brand to pick up, TY KU Sake Black is a great way to go. It’s smooth and sophisticated with a bottle that’ll look good on any man’s home bar.

Keep the global theme going, and complement your sake sips with luxe chocolates from Amedei. Crafted in Pontedera, Tuscany by Cecilia Tessieri, these decadent treats are derived from the best harvests in Venezuela, Grenada, Jamaica, Madagascar, Trinidad, and Ecuador. If you want to go the extra mile, spring for one of their blends.

If your guy is more into classics, present him with a nice bottle of Crown Royal XO, an ultra-premium, blended Canadian whisky. The newest addition to the Crown Royal family- and possibly the most elegant- it’s comprised of more than 50 of the finest Crown Royal whisky’s, finished in cognac casks and balanced with hints of vanilla, spice and dried fruit.

Since you’ll be sipping the “Crown jewel” of Canadian whiskey, you might want to match it with a dessert that has a bit of a jewelry theme as well — especially if you’re trying to hint that it’s time he “put a ring on it. The ‘24 Carrot’ cupcake from Polkadot Cupcakes is your answer. Here, spiced carrot cake is laced with pecans, topped with rich cream cheese frosting and finished with a shredded coconut and chopped pecans.

A man who likes a buzz without the oft-resulting belly bulge will appreciate a bottle of Devotion Vodka. Gluten and sugar-free, this 80 proof, six-column distilled spirit is made exclusively in the USA from America Corn.

Sweeten things up with a vegan dessert, like red velvet cupcakes from one of Blossom Du Jour’s three NYC locations. Made without any dairy or eggs, it still manages to be as indulgent as its heavier counterparts — sans the gut or the guilt.

Is he the Scotch on the rocks type? Most Scotch drinkers have a preferred brand and year, but if you don't know what he normally orders, a bottle of Glenmorangie Lasanta should be a safe bet. Elegant but full bodied, this smooth flavored and mellow finishing whisky has spent ten years maturing in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being extra-matured for anothertwo years in Oloroso Sherry casks from Jerez in Spain. 

The normal pairing for a good Scotch is a fine cigar, but if you prefer not to deal with the smoke, give him a Scotch & Cigar cupcake from New York's Prohibition Bakery. Made with molasses, tobacco and Laphroaig, it's only available for purchase on location and at the discretion of the staff. They also only allow one per customer, so if you'd like a spiked cupcake of your own, you'll have to select another of their various flavors.

A man who likes to party will likely get a kick out of opening a gift bag and finding a bottle of good tequila. Give him something that makes a smooth shooter or an exceptional sipper, like Milagro Anejo. Triple distilled and aged 18 months in small oak barrels, it has a rich, complex flavor with notes of caramel.

Add to the festive, free-spirited vibe of your gift with GODIVA's new Valentine's Day Truffle Flight, which features Aztec Spice which goes great with tequila, Chocolate Lava Cake, Strawberry Creme Tarte, Dark Chocolate Souffle, Milk Chocolate Mousse and White Passion Fruit.

If you're looking for a gift that has real staying power —like your relationship — a membership to the Desert Isle Drams Whiskey Club is the answer. Each month, he will receive a different bottle from a selection of some of the the finest whiskeys ever made, and they're offering a special introductory rate of $90 per month for 3-6 month memberships.

Sweeten the pot with a Sugarwish ecard. Once he clicks the link, he can select his own personalized candy assortment, which will arrive on his doorstep a few days later.

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