Spicy Skittles Are the Wildest New Candy Flavor

Skittles are spicy now, and we're totally here for it

Sweet Heat Skittles taste like fruit, but spicy. 

Skittles has pulled a lot of surprising moves over the years. Just over a month ago, Skittles made a Super Bowl ad starring David Schwimmer, and then showed it to nobody except one California teenager. Now Skittles has gone and pulled one of its most surprising stunts yet by making the candy spicy.

Wrigley announced last May that its next wacky flavor combinations would be Sweet Heat Skittles and Sweet Heat Starburst. And now those candies are actually available in stores now.

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To celebrate the launch of the new Sweet Heat Skittles, NFL player Marshawn Lynch filmed a commercial at a senior living community. The seniors who tasted them certainly seemed to think the Skittles had a bit of heat to them.

“It sneaks up on you,” one woman said.

Spicy Skittles sound surprising, but hot foods are really having a moment. Rold Gold pretzels are available covered in Flamin' Hot Cheetos seasoning now. One ice cream company celebrated Valentine’s Day by making ice cream so spicy customers had to sign a waiver, and tons of people wanted to try it. Besides, sweet and spicy flavors often go well together. Atomic Fireballs, Red Hots, and Hot Tamales are all spicy and sweet, and people love them.

Skittles taste like fruit instead of cinnamon, but chili powder often tastes great on fruit, so maybe the new spicy Skittles will be a huge success. Sweet Heat Skittles will include flavors like Fiery Watermelon, Blazin’ Mango, Flamin’ Orange, Sizzlin’ Strawberry, and Lemon Spark. For more wild candy news, check out these 20 surprising facts about your favorite candy brands.

H/t Delish