Flamin’ Hot Rold Gold Pretzels Are Real, and You Can Get Them in Stores Now

Flamin’ heat is not just for Cheetos anymore

Flamin' Hot flavor now comes in pretzel form.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are really having a moment. Not only are they the subject of an upcoming movie, and the hottest new fashion accessory out of New York Fashion Week, but now the hottest Cheetos flavor is lending its spice to another snack favorite, and Flamin’ Hot Rold Gold pretzels are available in stores now.

According to Delish, Instagram snack account Junk Banter posted a photo of the new Flamin’ Hot pretzel chips, and said they weren’t as spicy as Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but they still had some definite heat. They’re pretzel chips and not regular pretzel twists, but that works in their favor, Junk Banter reports.

"The pretzel crisp formula actually works better here because there's all that surface area to catch that delicious seasoning," Junk Banter explained. "A little more delayed heat than the Cheetos but it comes through for sure."

There’s already a recipe for “Flamin’ Hot Gold” on the Frito Lay website, but that’s a recipe for a party snack made by mixing Rold Gold pretzel sticks, Doritos Jacked ranch-dipped hot wings chips, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in a bowl. The new Flamin’ Hot Rold Gold Thin Crisps Pretzels are crispy, salty pretzel chips covered in that famous Flamin’ Hot seasoning, and they’re available in stores now. An 8.75-ounce bag of the spicy pretzels is selling for $2.99 at Target and other stores now. To find out the secret of Cheetos cheese dust and other snack food mysteries, check out these nine junk food facts.