Swedish Politicians Propose Ban on Foreign Foods

Conservative Swedes look to ban purchase of non-Swedish food, like bananas

Wikimedia/Susan Slater

Anti-immigration politicians in Sweden proposed a budget that would ban the purchase of non-Swedish foods.

Some conservative politicians in Sweden have taken nationalism to an extreme few people are likely to support, because they just suggested a measure that would ban the municipality from purchasing any non-Swedish foods.

According to The Local, the nationalist Sweden Democrats party, which is strongly anti-immigration, released its draft of its 2017 budget proposal for the municipality of Alvesta this week, and it really suggested banning the purchase of foods not produced in Sweden.

"Organically produced products are desirable, but the most important thing is that food is locally produced, that is to say, Swedish," the draft reads, according to The Local.

Barring foods not produced in Sweden would not just mean the municipality could not buy Italian cheese or New Zealand wine, or even an occasional bottle of sriracha. It would also effectively ban it from buying any foods that cannot easily be produced in Sweden, like bananas or rice. 

Per Ribacke, a council member from the Swedish Social Democrat party, says the proposal won’t go anywhere, because it’s just too ridiculous.

“In practice it’s impossible. We are dependent on food from other countries,” he said.

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