Italian Politicians Accused of Wasting $3M on Wine, Caviar

Italian politicians have been accused of squandering public funds on food

Sixty-four politicians in Lombardy have been accused of misusing nearly $3 million of public funds on luxuries like wine and caviar.

A large group of politicians from one of Italy’s wealthiest regions has been accused of misappropriating public funds to pay for millions of dollars worth of luxuries like fine wines and caviar.

According to The Local, 64 politicians from Lombardy are under fire in Italy’s latest political scandal. Prosecutors say that between 2008 and 2011, the politicians claimed fortunes in reimbursements for extraordinarily expensive bottles of wine and dinners at the most expensive restaurants.  One politician claimed a refund on 120 bottles of Refosco wine that cost $1,500 apiece, while another took a refund on a $3,000 Christmas dinner of “caviar and a variety of fish.”

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All together, the 64 politicians are accused of spending nearly €2.14 million euros, or $2.95 million, of public funds on luxurious foods, and the Lombardy politicians are far from the only public figures being investigated for misusing public funds. The Local reports that politicians in Bolzano are under investigation after some sex toys turned up on expense reports, and dozens of Sicilian politicians are reporteldly being investigated for spending public funds on things like designer underwear, Louis Vuitton bags, comic books, and coffee capsules.