Internet-Famous Pig Makes Brave Escape From Swedish Butcher

A pig ran for freedom from the abattoir and became Internet famous

Wikimedia/Joshua Lutz

A Swedish pig destined to become someone's organic Christmas ham escaped for a week, and by the time she was caught Facebook was clamoring to save her. 

Someone’s Christmas ham is having a very merry holiday after all, because this week a pig in Sweden went on a daring escape from a Swedish abattoir, and she’s since been given an official stay of execution thanks to the efforts of the Internet.

According to The Local, a 243-pound sow broke free on Monday in Mjallby, a farming village in Sweden.

"A number of pigs were being offloaded at a slaughterhouse, and one pig ran off and has not been traced since," police said at the time.

The pig was on the lam for five days, and was eventually found and captured again on Friday.

The pig was reportedly doing just fine when she was found, which the farmer says is probably because she was from an organic farm and was used to running around and foraging for things, so she was more than capable of fending for herself.

"She's in great form, she must have stuffed herself with rotten fruit and other good things," the farmer said.

The pig had a nice week off, but after a week on the run she was back just in time to be someone’s Christmas dinner, but the Internet came to her rescue. Some fans on Facebook were so happy about her daring Christmas escape they launched a petition to spare her life, and the farmer acquiesced.


"Such a commotion!” he laughed. “I've decided to let her live until further notice."