Daring Cow Escapes Abattoir

Cow injures two in daring bid for freedom

A daring cow injured two people escaping the abattoir Wednesday.

A daring cow on her way to slaughter made one last, dramatic bid for freedom yesterday, injuring two people during her escape.

According to The Local, the 8-year-old cow was being taken to an abattoir in Hesse, in central Germany. But when the farmer tried to unload her from his truck, she just burst right out and made a break for it.

The cow bolted about 500 meters away from the abattoir when she encountered two men. One of the men was armed with a chainsaw and stopped to face the runaway cow, but she charged him and forced him to wedge himself between two logs. That man was seriously injured in the confrontation and had to be taken to the hospital, police said.

After leaving the man pinned, the cow continued putting distance between herself and the abattoir. Eventually she came to a meadow and found another herd of cows to join.


Unfortunately the cow did not seamlessly blend in with her new friends and escape the abattoir forever. A hunter leader responsible for the area spotted the new cow wandering the meadow, realized she did not belong with the others, and shot her.