Wikimedia/David Monniaux

Suspect Arrested in Avocado Assault Case

A man who allegedly committed assault with an avocado has been arrested
Wikimedia/David Monniaux

A Bronx man has been arrested for allegedly throwing underripe avocados at a deli clerk so hard that he broke the man's jaw. 

A Bronx man has been arrested for attacking a New York bodega employee with bananas and avocados, and hitting the man so hard that he broke his jaw. Police say they’re still looking for the man’s accomplice.


According to NJ.com, 28-year-old Brad Gomez is suspected of being one of two men caught on camera hurling underripe avocados at the clerk behind the counter at a deli on 161 Street on May 29. The altercation reportedly started over a mixed-up food order, and ended with Gomez and another man allegedly throwing produce at the clerk.


Avocados are normally considered a soft fruit, but these were reportedly hard and underripe. They hit the clerk hard enough that he suffered a broken jaw and facial fractures that caused him to be hospitalized.


Police say they identified Gomez from the security footage, but that he had another man with him who has not yet been found. Police are asking anyone with information about the attack or the second suspect’s whereabouts to contact them through the NYPDs Crimestoppers website.


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