Super Fun Polka Dot Food

Polka Dot Dirt Cake

Super adorable cake with an explosion of bright colored polka dots inside. This cake will be a hit at any kids party.

Make your own polka dot dirt cake.

Polka Dot Pops

Love these little dot pops and there's no need to reserve them for Christmas, either. I can see these being made anytime of year with all different colors of dots.

Make your own polka dot pops.

Polka Dot Ravioli

Wow the family with not only homemade ravioli, but polka dot ravioli. I can see other colors, too, like basil for green ravioli.

Get the recipe for polka dot ravioli at Carina Forum.

Polka Dot Cheesecake

Take a bite of cheesecake and get hit with some chocolate-y goodness along with chocolate-y cuteness.

Get the recipe for polka dot cheesecake at Pennies on a Platter.

Polka Dot Banana Bread

Mmmm, banana bread and it's made extra special with chocolate chips and extra, extra special with polka dots.

Get the recipe for polka dot banana bread at Chocolate Covered Katie.

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