Customer Upset by Starbucks Cup Mocking His Order

A Starbucks customer says a barista wrote a diabetes warning on his coffee cup
Starbucks in Stuttgart

Wikimedia/Christoph Hoffmann

A Starbucks customer was upset when a message on his cup said, "Diabetes here I come." 

The white space on the side of a Starbucks cup is a decent place to leave a message--like this one warning a customer that his fly was down, or this one reminding a customer that she is not actually Beyoncé--but a Florida man is pretty upset this weekend after he says a barista left a snarky health warning on his drink order.

According to Action News Jax, a man from St. Augustine, Florida, was stunned and angry to receive his grande white chocolate mocha and see the phrase “Diabetes here I come” printed on the drink order sticker on the side of the cup.

One of the man’s coworkers had reportedly picked up the order from a nearby Starbucks on an office coffee run. The customer was particularly upset because two of his sisters have type 1 diabetes, and he did not think the joke was funny.


A manager at the Starbucks said he did not condone the joke, but it was not immediately clear how the message got on the cup or who was responsible for putting it there.