Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Talk New Orleans Food Spots

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While directing a movie in New Orleans, the two reviewed many of the local restaurants
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Cochon in New Orleans.

Setch Rogen and Evan Goldberg wanted to co-direct the new comedy, “This Is The End,” and they got the call that the move was approved while dining on Creole favorites at New Orleans’ Drago’s. In honor of the approval, Rogen told that they commemorated it with food: "We had two dozen char-grilled oysters each! 'Let's celebrate!'"

The two have actually been hitting up many of the local restaurants like Willie Mae’s, Coop’s, and Bacchanal. The movie was shot in New Orleans from February to July of 2012, so the two had plenty of time to check out the food scene.

Rogan told, “Willi Mae’s was unbelievably delicious. It was literally the most beautiful-looking fried chicken I've seen in my entire life. It's like glowing. It's mind-blowingly beautiful.”

The pork at Bacchanal was a favorite of Goldberg’s, telling, "Bacchanal's one of my favorite places. I love that. I think the last four Sunday nights I've gone to Bacchanal.”

Other places that the two raved about include Katie’s, Parkway, Domilise’s, and their ultimate favorite of them all: Cochon.

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The two actors embraced the laid back casualness of New Orleans, touting this as one of the best aspects of the city. It has so much to offer, and they encourage everyone to get immersed in it because unless you do, with so much to try out it’s unlikely you’ll even scratch the surface.

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