Secret Antidotes to 'Hot Pepper Hands' Slideshow

Olive Oil

Rub olive oil over your hands for about a minute, and then wash them with soap and water. Hopefully the capsaicin will dissolve in the olive oil and rinse away with the oil when you wash your hands. This isn’t a cure, but it should help reduce the pain to a tolerable level while you wait an hour or so for it to completely dissipate.

Milk or Sour Cream

Rub your hands with sour cream or yogurt, or pour milk on them. Sour cream will probably be the most relieving solution since it will stick, and these options might feel even better than sour cream since they also have the cool temperature contributing to your relief.


If you happen to have aloe around, give it a shot. Some claim this helps reduce the pain much like it would with sunburn.


Check the medicine cabinet for alcohol, and briefly douse your hands in it. As previously stated, capsaicin is soluble in alcohol, so the hope is that it will dissolve into the alcohol and be rinsed off when you wash your hands afterward.


As a last-resort option, try giving your hands a QUICK dip in a diluted bleach solution containing five parts water and one part Clorox bleach. DO NOT soak your hands in it — this will worsen your problem and possibly cause burns. Simply give your fingers a quick dip in it every now and then, and rinse afterward with soap and water.

Pain Relievers

Grab the Advil! Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever could help reduce the pain.