Save Room for Dessert with Jaime Sudberg of Beauty & Essex (Slideshow)

Check out our photos of the New York pastry chef at work

Brushing the Phyllo Dough

Jane Bruce

Chef Sudberg brushes the phyllo pastry dough with butter before layering in a muffin tin.


Jane Bruce

The phyllo dough is baked then topped with pistachios. "I love the basics — flour, sugar, eggs. Add in nuts and baking powder or fruit…mix it up and see what you get," Sudberg explains.


Jane Bruce

Drizzling honey on the baklava is one of the final steps of the dish. The pistachio baklava is comes with three per serving.

Stirring the Butterscotch

Jane Bruce

The Black Bottomed Butterscotch Pot de Crème is a butterscotch lover's dream, layered and topped with coconut chantilly.

Slow and Steady

Jane Bruce

Sudberg slowly pours the butterscotch to the right height into the pots for the thick and creamy dessert.


Jane Bruce

When thinking about new desserts, "The seasons are a huge inspiration," she says, "Winter makes me think warm and chocolaty, spring brings back fruit!!"