Sandwich of the Week: The Frisbee at The Silly Goose

The Silly Goose in Nashville knows how to make an awesome portobello mushroom sandwich, and it’s called The Frisbee

Portobello mushrooms are given the love and care they deserve at The Silly Goose.

There’s nothing new about a portobello mushroom sandwich; it has been a go-to vegetarian substitute for a burger for some time now. It is rare for a restaurant to treat it as more than an afterthought, but Nashville’s The Silly Goose has proven with The Frisbee that this menu item can please herbivores and carnivores alike.

The flavors of many vegetarian dishes can be on-point, but it’s the textures — specifically, a lack of variation in them — that can cause an item to miss the culinary mark. The chefs at The Silly Goose took this into account, and so use crunchy honey flaxseed bread to counteract the succulent texture of the herb-grilled Portobello mushroom. There’s also walnut pesto and sundried tomatoes, to add even more varied consistencies, and Kalamata olives for an appropriate dose of salt.

Portobello mushroom sandwiches are frequently treated as an inferior substitute for a beef burger, but The Frisbee at The Silly Goose is testament to the fact that, with a little love and consideration, this menu item can be a standout dish all on its own.


Kate Kolenda is the Restaurant/City Guide Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @BeefWerky and @theconversant