The World's First 24-Hour ATM... For Cupcakes

The ever-growing Los Angeles-based cupcake bakery Sprinkles is now launching a branch dedicated to dispensing cupcakes all day, every day — through an ATM called 24-Hour Sprinkles. 

Customers will be able to purchase an array of products from the baby-pink automated machine, including a variety of cupcakes (as well as cupcakes for their dogs), cake mixes, and merchandise (T-shirts, hats, and the like). Sprinkles promises that the ATM will be restocked with freshly baked cupcakes every day. 

In addition to unveiling this cutting-edge bakery of sorts, the company also announced its plans this week to open an ice cream shop next door to the 24-Hour Sprinkles. The store will serve up homemade ice cream as well as cupcake ice cream sandwiches — that's right, go ahead and try imagining a treat more indulgent than a Sprinkles cupcake split in two and stuffed with a scoop of ice cream. 

Certainly this is the first cupcake-dispensing ATM out there, but the world has already seen a number of outrageous vending machines, including the baguette-baking machine in Paris and automated wine vendors in Pennsylvania (which are now officially closing, due to contract disputes).