The Search for the Best Doughnuts in the Twin Cities: Part 2

Bogart’s Donuts should be your next stop for delicious doughnuts and treats


When you can’t decide which flavor you want, you just try them all. Problem solved!

For those who have been following me on the search for the best doughnuts in the Twin Cities, the next stop is Bogart’s Donuts! Bogart’s started with its first location on 36th and Bryant in the spring of 2014, offering simple yet scrumptious doughnuts. On any day, they offer on average six to nine different flavors, but don’t assume that means these doughnuts don’t pack a punch.

Bogart’s slogan is “Purposefully Simple & Optionally Shareable,” speaking to the fresh ingredients they use and also the size of the doughnuts (the raised glazed doughnut is almost the size of my two hands put together). Based on the doughnuts’ success, the sweet shop recently opened up a stand in the IDS building of downtown Minneapolis, which is where I stopped by to get my sugar fix.

I visited on a Friday and with the weekend close to everyone’s fingertips, the line was long, but moving quickly. Before I knew it, it was my turn to order and the list I had made in my head was lost – I was set in a self-induced panic as to which doughnuts I would buy for the office. My solution – purchase one of every kind.

After taste testing a number of them, my favorites included:

Lavender Cake
The doughnut itself isn’t purple but it does include tiny pieces of lavender in the dough that is then covered in a vanilla glaze. I am not into super sweet desserts so this one is right up my alley with its subtle flavor

Sprinkled Cake
Who doesn’t love rainbow sprinkles? I love anything with sprinkles because of the nice crunch you get from the toppings with a perfectly baked cake doughnut.

Dark Chocolate Ganache
This signature delight is a brioche doughnut dipped in a dark chocolate ganache glaze. Need I say more? The bite of fried pillows of dough in combination with the crunch from the chocolate is enough to wake up anyone for their day (and then put them to sleep).

Whether you are near the Bogart’s location in Uptown or Downtown, make sure to stop by for these doughnuts – even pre-order them if you can’t wait in the line to satisfy a craving!

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