Victory 44’s ‘Perfect Burger’ is a Twin Cities Rising Star

Celebrate National Burger Month with Victory 44’s “Perfect Burger” in Twin Cities

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A burger’s best friend is a side of fries – especially when dusted with bacon powder.


After a long week, there are few things in life that are as satisfying as a decadent burger alongside a nice, cold beer. Appropriately named Victory 44 due to its location on 44th Street in the Victory neighborhood, Victory 44 is building a reputation as the place to enjoy a trendy meal in a casual setting. Founded in 2009, head chef Erick Harcey focuses on bringing dishes to the table that showcase the local Minneapolis foods and farms scene.

The restaurant has its menu posted on a large chalkboard in the main dining area and although it only features 10-15 items, the menu items are unique, and big enough to share with a group. For those who want to enjoy fried food, there is the Ham and Pickle Tots. Juicy pieces of ham are paired with cuts of its homemade pickles and mashed potatoes, and then battered and fried. For those interested in the mood for some protein, the fried chicken has the perfect combination of crispy and tender. Can’t decide which dishes to order? Don’t worry, you can try the tasting menu, an 8-course dinner for a steal of only $75 for two people.

The thing you shouldn't pass up from the menu, is the one and only “Perfect Burger.” The Victory 44 “Perfect Burger” is award winning and has been featured in many local magazines; it does not disappoint. The burger starts with a juicy and succulent patty – the richness of the meat comes from the addition of pork belly to the well-seasoned beef. The burger is placed on a toasted brioche-esque bun and then the toppings are added.

Two slices of American cheese and crisp bacon join the burger, along with some icebox pickles. A smidge of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise is spread onto the top bun to complete the dish. The final outcome: an excellent merging of tangy, rich, and salty flavors. As if this burger couldn’t get any better, it is served with a heaping order of fries topped with bacon powder. Yes, you read that right, bacon powder! Wear loose clothes to the restaurant because you will leave full and satisfied. Victory 44 continues to feed the Twin Cities amazing meals – next time you are in the area, make sure to stop by!

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