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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Is Now Home to the Iconic MR CHOW Restaurant

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With locations in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and New York City, it's about time Vegas got one of its own


The iconic MR CHOW is finding a warm welcome among the culinary champions of Caesars Palace Las Vegas restaurant row. “Las Vegas is a contemporary phenomenon, one of the world’s great cities,” said founder Michael Chow. “Las Vegas and MR CHOW have always been a natural fit and we’ve been flirting with Las Vegas for decades. With Caesars Palace, another classic and iconic name, we have finally found a home.”

Entering through a set of private elevators, the doors open to a venue that is quite impressive to say the least. It comfortably seats more than 250 guests including two private rooms and terrace overlooking the breathtaking Garden of the Gods pool oasis.

MR CHOW wastes no time to impress from the moment you are seated. An early highlight of the experience is the famous MR CHOW champagne trolley featuring a selection of premium champagnes to get you bubbling over with excitement.

Look up and be in awe of the one-of-a-kind, 3,000-pound kinetic art piece called “The Moon”, commissioned by TAIT Towers, the company behind Omnia’s incredible chandelier. Keep your eyes on this incredible piece of art as it entertains you throughout your dining experience. The 26-foot diameter sculpture descends every 30 minutes and turns ultraviolet, transforming the restaurant into dinner theater in the round.

In China, meals are a social experience served family style with friends, family, and guests. This is exactly what one can expect an experience with a menu that will please everyone in your dining party.

The celebrity dish on the menu is famously prepared Beijing duck that is known as a staple in the MR CHOW dining empire, but there is more, so much more. Original recipes, freshest ingredients bring on aromas that fill the restaurant with aromatic delight and eye catching plating that will whet any appetite. Let your dining Capitan guide you on a journey through a plethora of textures and flavors from mild to spicy, creating a piece of gastronomic artistry for a memorable meal. Enjoy the flavorful chicken satay, MR CHOW noodles, and ma mignon just to name a few.

Another highlight of the experience is the lively tradition demonstrating the original Beijing style of hand pulled noodle making by one of the highly talented skilled pasta chefs. MR CHOW is not just a dining venue but a culinary experience in the glass, on the plate, on your palate, and a treat for your eyes.

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