Restaurateur Finds Robbing Banks More Profitable Than Pizza

The owner of a pizzeria in Portugal robbed over a dozen banks with a toy pistol
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The owner of a pizzeria restaurant allegedly went on a massive bank robbing spree with a toy pistol.

The restaurant industry is a notoriously tough place to make a living, but one restaurateur in Portugal reportedly found the pizza business did not pay nearly a well as a life of crime, so he picked up a toy pistol and started robbing banks instead.

According to Reuters, the restaurateur moved from Sicily to Portugal to run his two pizza restaurants, but those businesses were struggling. Faced with problems paying taxes, the restaurateur and another man allegedly got themselves some masks and proceeded to rob over a dozen banks with a toy pistol. Police say the duo did not speak during the robberies, lest their accents give them away, and in the end they managed to take over 100,000 euros over the course of their crime spree.

Nobody was reportedly injured during the crimes. Despite the thieves’ caution in not speaking during the robberies, they were eventually caught in the end, and police say they discovered the toy gun, the masks, and the stolen money in the restaurateur’s car.

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