Criminal Mastermind Robs Bank with Dessert Spoon

A man tried to rob a Vienna bank with a dessert spoon in his pocket

A Vienna bank robber picked the least threatening piece of cutlery for his weapon.

A man in Vienna had what he thought was a clever way to make some spare cash this week when he decided to give bank robbery a try, but his first attempt ended in failure because his weapon of choice was a dessert spoon.

According to The Local, when faced with the entire world of cutlery to choose a bank-robbing weapon from, the 24-year-old would-be criminal chose a dessert spoon, probably the least threatening utensil a person could wield. Still, witnesses said he seemed confident when he entered the bank around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, walked straight up to a bank teller and demanded to be given money. Witnesses say the man seemed to think everyone see him holding a silver object and assume it was a knife and be afraid, but they say everyone could  see it was just a spoon. A fork would have been more threatening.

A cashier told the robber that he was going to go get the money, but instead he called the police. The robber was reportedly sitting in the waiting area and relaxing when the police arrived to arrest him.

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