Food of the Day: Tau Sar Piah

A delicious been-filled pastry from Singapore

The Tau Sar Piah is a pastry famous throughout Asia.

The curiously named tau sar piah is a pastry that comes from Singapore. Here in America, it is mostly known as the ‘mung bean pastry,’ and the type of pastry could maybe best be linked to biscuits.  And though being as small as a munchkin, this bean-filled pastry is packed with flavor. When baked, a tau sar piah comes out nice and golden brown, served with sprinkles of sesame seeds on top. It’s so delicate that when you take a bite from it, you are bound to have the crispy flakes dropping all over you.

Then there’s the inside. Different than your typical American flavors such as chocolate or jelly, this particular one has a filling made out of sweet red beans. The ground up and mashed beans are creamy, giving it a thick, moist, texture to balance out the flaky crust. Besides Singapore, other Asian countries also love this pastry. They use different flavors such as the butter bean, green tea, and chocolate for filling. 


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