Perfect Recipes for Summer Parties

It’s all about fresh flavors for these summer meals

Summer cocktails are half the fun of a party, and we have some great recipes.

Summer is the perfect season to explore new food adventures because we all have a little extra time. On top of that, ingredients are fresher and more available during the summer. That means tastier dishes with a variety of flavors for a perfect summer party

Your party menu should be fun and fresh, just like the season. Don’t shy away from trying something a little new. Summer is the time to be spontaneous and take a little risk, even if it is just in your kitchen. Your party guests will appreciate the bold menu

We’ve rounded up some great summer recipes for you to try:


Since the weather’s nice, we all want to fire up the grill. This grilled watermelon salad is sweet with tangy goat cheese and a drizzle of homemade basil oil. Another great salad to make for your party is this field fresh feta salad. It’s bright and tasty and packed with crunchy vegetables. 

Main Dishes

You don’t want anything on your menu that will weigh your guests down. Chicken kebabs are hearty but not too heavy. This recipe uses Indian spices with cilantro-mint chutney for a flavor explosion that your guests will love. Turkey burgers are another tasty option for a main dish, especially when they have green chiles for a kick of spice. 


The best desserts for summer are the ones that have fruit as the main feature. Frozen bananas are delicious on their own, but dipped in chocolate they are even better. You can customize each bite with your favorite nuts, candies, and cereals. A light strawberry mousse is another perfect option for a summer party dessert and easier to make than you would think.



Fresh and fruity drinks are perfect for a summer party. This remake of a classic dark and stormy uses rum and blackberries for the perfect flavor combination. Or go for something a little spicy, like this basil cocktail complete with a splash of champagne to top it all off.