Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs: How to Spot Them

What exactly does the perfect hard-boiled look like?
Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Perfect the hard-boiled egg for your Easter dyeing activity.

For most, Easter eggs are the best part of Easter Sunday. Think about it: you boil them, you dye them, and then you get to enjoy them! But boiling the perfect egg is the key for all of this Easter Fun. While we’ve already showed you how to boil eggs, we wanted to help you make sure that you got it right. The tips and tricks to mastering this culinary task are simple, but they are essential.

The first step in making the perfect hard-boiled egg begins with the simple task of identifying what a bad egg looks like. Have you ever smelled a super strong egg? The pungent smell often occurs after you boil an egg, and it is something we accept as normal. We are here to tell you that your perfect hard-boiled egg should not be stinky. They also have to be peel-able, for what good is a hard-boiled egg without being able to remove the shell? They also should be popping out of a cracked shell or have loose yolk. To avoid messy, sulfur smelling eggs, here are a few tips for making a perfect hard-boiled egg:

Use Old Eggs

Fresher is not always better. Use eggs that are a few days old because they are far easier to peel when it comes time to use them.

Poke a Hole

If you’re really worried about peeling the eggs, a small pinhole in the egg will help the egg separate further.

Begin Slowly

Yes, you want to boil your eggs, but you do not want them overcooked. Start with cold water so the eggs do not cook faster — plopping your eggs in already boiling water will start them at too high a temperature.

Remove the Heat

We know they are called hard boiled eggs but that doesn’t mean you should let them boil for long! When the water starts to boil removed them from the heat and then give them a nice ice bath to stop the cooking.

Allow them to cool completely and boom! You have the perfect hard-boiled egg!

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