How to Boil an Egg 3 Different Ways

This Easter, make a perfect boiled egg in a snap
Easy Boiled Eggs

Easy Boiled Eggs

Getting ready to dye Easter eggs with the kids? Before you can get started in the creative (and messy) fun, you have to make sure your eggs are perfectly hard-boiled. Not only do you want the perfect blank canvas for your Easter eggs, you want to be sure that when you are ready to eat them, they are easy to peel and ready to eat!

You also don’t want to wait forever for them to boil or to overcook them when the time comes. To help you get your boiled eggs perfect every time, we have three easy recipes and methods for you to get them just right. No matter what your skill level is in the kitchen, these recipes are all perfect for anyone looking to hard-boil eggs!

On the Stove

With the right steps, these stovetop eggs are perfectly boiled every time.

Click here for how to boil eggs on the stove.

In the Microwave

Nuke your eggs to boiled perfection!

Click here for how to microwave the perfect hard-boiled egg.

In the Oven

We suppose this technically makes these “baked” eggs, but they taste just as great (if no better than) traditionally boiled eggs.

Click here for how to make the perfect boiled eggs in the oven. 


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