Party Tips for Busy Parents

You've got a lot going on, so let us help you with these easy party tips
Quick Party Tips

Don't let the stress get to you! These party tips will help you get through your event with ease.

No matter how high or low you search the web, you just couldn't find it. It seemed simple enough: a search for the perfect party tips should have turned up pages and pages of savvy content. But all of the party tips you read weren't usable.

"Construct a food station out of recycled water bottles."

"Hand craft 75 customized party favors for your unique kids!"

"Convert your backyard into an island oasis in 25 totally labor-intensive steps!"

Like, what human has time for this? Especially a busy parent with a job (or two), kids, and a mess of chores to do that can't come to a grinding halt because of a party. That is why we compiled this list of easy, practical party tips that will save you time and energy, and still help you pull off the perfect party. We hope these party tips help you to sit back and enjoy the celebration!

1. Think Simple

No elaborate themes. Go back to the basics and base your decisions off of an easy color scheme.

2. Plan Ahead

Make freezable and reheat-able dishes to make party day a snap. Try waking up 10 minutes early or stealing 10 minutes after the kids’ bedtime to pull together and store a simple tasty recipe for the next day.

3. Use Your Slow Cooker

Set it and forget it, whether it is a hot dip or a warm drink; you’ll be glad later when all you have to do is scoop and serve.

4. Use Paper Products

We know, we're awful for saying this. But if you want to reduce your cleanup time, try finding environmentally friendly paper-ware to dispose of after the party. Plant a tree to make up for it, if you ever find the time.

5. Invite Other Parents


Task guests with bringing a dish or ask them to bring a fun game the group can play. They'll totally understand your request for assistance!