10 Great Kids Party Ideas

Themed birthday celebrations perfect for boys and girls ages 10 and under.

X marks the spot

As a child, nothing else quite tops your birthday (okay, maybe Christmas wins out) as the best day of the year. While parents might only remember the late nights spent baking cupcakes the day before (and the last-minute frosting of cupcakes the next morning before heading to school), children often spend all year planning out their next birthday celebration. From decorations to special themes and activities, and of course the cake, the details all count immensely when creating a party that your child will always remember.

Haven’t discussed the theme for your son or daughter’s next birthday yet? Be inspired by these unique and creative parties put on by the experts: the moms and dads out there.

For the girl who loves princesses, throw her a princess and the pea party with craft projects and pancakes for lunch. Would your son rather sail the seas in search of hidden treasure than go to bed at night? Recreate the deck of a ship in your home and host a pirate-themed party, complete with invitations mailed as messages in a bottle. And imagine the delight when kids learn they can create their own transformative magical elixirs in a ‘Potions Class,’ just like Harry Potter; it’s a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.


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