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McDonald’s Italy Has Ice Cream Tacos, and We’re Kind of Jealous

Look out, Choco Taco

If you’ve ever wondered how good a fresh Choco Taco would taste, McDonald’s Italy has got you covered. Its Pocket Sundae, which was first introduced this summer, is a sundae in taco form.

The Pocket Sundae features vanilla soft serve ice cream, fudge drizzle, and hazelnuts, all packed inside a folded pita, which appears to be dusted with cinnamon, Brand Eating reported.

Delish pointed out that the name is fitting as it is “a sundae nestled in a pocket of carbs.”

McDonald’s Italy also serves more traditional McDonald’s desserts, including McFlurries, sundaes, cones, and milkshakes.

Check out our roundup of the best and worst fast-food desserts, and for those of us who don’t live in Italy, check out our recipe for homemade Choco Tacos.

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