Starbucks To Give All Employees A Lyft Ride To The Polls On Election Day

Starbucks is the latest company to launch an initiative encouraging people to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The Seattle-based coffee chain just announced that it will provide all U.S. employees with a free one-way Lyft ride up to $75 to get to the polls to vote, volunteer as a non-partisan poll worker or drop off a ballot at the post office, ballot box or other official ballot drop location between now and Nov. 3.

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On its app, Starbucks is also providing resources and information on how, where and when to vote. Find out how to register to vote, receive election reminders, apply for a mail-in ballot, volunteer to be a poll worker, learn about the census, take a course on political culture bias or report a voting issue — at the company's campaign page

Starbucks isn't the only company encouraging to civic engagement this election season. It follows Uber Eats, which is offering up to a 50% discount on rides up to $7 to and from your polling location, where voters waiting in line in certain cities can find free food and entertainment thanks to a partnership with Pizza to the Polls.

Likewise, Ben & Jerry's relaunched Justice ReMix'd in tandem with other initiatives designed to inspire young people to use their power to vote on Election Day. If you're voting in person, here are some steps you can take to make sure everything goes according to plan.